About ARCS

The Association of Reproductive and Clinical Scientists (ARCS), a professional body run by Reproductive Scientists supporting the needs and research and development interests of those involved in reproductive sciences in the UK and worldwide.

Founded in 2020, ARCS strives to promote high standards of practice in Reproductive Science and to support the professional interests of those working in the UK and internationally. ARCS boasts a membership in excess of 700 members and strives to advance the profession through training and education, providing information, support and a global community for our members.

Our Mission Statement

To promote the highest standards of research, diagnosis, patient care and educational outreach in the fields of fertility and reproductive science.

•    To promote high quality, evidence-based diagnosis, treatment and patient care using a range of experimental models.

•    To further excellence and innovation in the fields of human and animal reproductive research.

•    To provide a professional forum for members working in basic and applied reproductive science.

•    To provide strategic leadership, advice and professional guidance at all times.

•    To engage with other organisations, regulators and the public in the field of reproduction.

•    To promote and provide education and training to all disciplines within and allied to the field of reproduction.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

June 2023

ARCS understands the importance of diversity at all learning and career stages, and strives to create an inclusive environment which supports members from various backgrounds, identities and abilities.

To support these aims, we:

  • allow for a pause in membership fees for members who are on maternity/paternity leave, on long term sickness leave, or in times of financial hardship. We also have a reduced membership fee for students in full-time education;

  • are a Member Organisation (MO) of the Royal Society of Biology, and actively participate in the RSB Diversity and Inclusion Working Group, where we can share and learn from other MOs strategies and activities to promote EDI, or collaborate with larger organisations in order to have more impact;

  • are committed to ensuring that voices from all career stages are heard. To do this we consult with representatives from all areas of Reproductive Science and actively encourage people with varying levels of experience to join ARCS committees;

  • collect and monitor diversity data to understand the needs of our membership better;

  • have an ARCS Outreach Group whose aim is to promote STEM careers and Reproductive Science in diverse communities;

  • have a mentoring scheme open to all members at any point in their career;

  • sponsor the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Diversity and Inclusion in STEM, which brings issues of D&I to the attention of Parliamentarians and other key policy decision-makers.

ARCS recognise there is more to be done, and are committed to working with our members and other organisations to raise our awareness of EDI issues and continue to take action to improve standards.

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