Submissions are welcomed for short abstracts as part of the ARCS365 programme.

Presentations are encouraged from both Pre Reg and Post Reg reproductive scientists and will be accepted on clinical interest, innovation and quality of work. Abstracts can describe any work that you think will be of interest to the reproductive science community – be it embryological or andrological, quantitative or qualitative.

Deadline for submission is 31st January.  Applicants will be notified of presentations in March 2022.

Oral presentations will take place on the 10th May.  From these, the ARCS committee will decide the first winner of the Andy Glew prize which will be presented on 19th July.

Submission guidelines
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The Andy Glew People’s Prize

Those of you fortunate enough to have known Andy will need no explanation as to why this prize is dedicated posthumously to him. In essence, the ‘Andy Glew People’s Prize’ recognises a piece of work (be it an oral or poster presentation) which has grabbed the attention of delegates. Andy’s contribution to the field of clinical embryology was significant (working with the HFEA to permit the use of electronic witnessing is just one example of many) but key, was Andy’s approach. He was a firm believer in the open sharing of knowledge for the good of patients and adopted a pragmatic, problem-solving approach to his work rather than getting wrapped up in the more conventional research techniques – none of which lessened the excellent quality of his outcomes. But it was perhaps Andy’s legendary sociability that lends itself to this prize so well!

All ARCS members attending ARCS365 will be asked to select the free communication that they thought was the best, for whatever reason, and the one with the most votes will win the Andy Glew People’s Prize!