The ACE Certificate in Clinical Embryology

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The ACE Certificate in Clinical Embryology is now closed except for current trainees.

In April 2018, the final date for submission of any ACE Certificate Portfolios was published to the membership.  Four years after the full withdrawal of the ACE Certificate is set as the final date for submission of work for examination.  This final date is 31st December 2019 after which date no further portfolios can be accepted for examination.  Any individual’s final submission date cannot exceed the 4-year total for training. 

No applications were accepted after 30th September 2013 in England and Wales.  No applications were accepted after 31st December 2015 in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Eire.  No candidate will be able to apply to re-start after 1st August 2017.  For further information please click here.

Current trainees: please note the requirements for submission of your final printed portfolio of evidence to your Assessor. You and your supervisor should complete and send the Candidate Declaration on submission of ACE Certificate Portfolio

Candidates wishing to leave their training centre prior to the award of their ACE Certificate should contact their Assessor for advice.  Although it is theoretically possible to continue training in another centre, this is dependent on the ability of the new employer to meet all the requirements for delivery of ACE Certificate training.  A new centre will not be able to support any work that has not been completed and approved at the originating centre and therefore work may need to be re-done.  A trainee who started after 30th September 2013 cannot relocate to England or Wales.

ACE is committed to the ongoing development of training schemes to support pre-registrant embryologists in the UK and Ireland.

The ACE Certificate in Clinical Embryology has been superseded by the Scientist Training Programme.  Candidates who are currently enrolled on the Certificate continue to submit their work for assessment and examination.  The ACE Certificate is a program of study encompassing both practical and academic work.  The employing Centre decides how to deliver the programme and ACE provides the external Assessor and final Examination.  There is a lab book to record the practical training and linked theoretical modules to demonstrate understanding of the underlying scientific concepts.  The Candidate also undertakes eight assignments to develop critical skills in scientific writing and data analysis.

Please note: The Supervisor must be a member of ACE and an experienced embryologist, HCPC-registered as a Clinical Scientist. Supervisors must attend an ACE Certificate training day at least once in every 3 years: a Candidate cannot be accepted onto the ACE training scheme nor can they be supported during training if these requirements are not met. Current Supervisors are responsible for ensuring their status remains valid for the duration of their Candidate’s training.

For more information; download the Regulations Booklet (July 2013), Certificate application form(Updated June2016: use this form to register a change of Supervisor, Trainer or Training Centre), guidelines to completing the certificate application, information about the written assignments and the ACE approved reading list

Please help other trainees by submitting your book reviews and recommendations for any books which you have found useful.

Frequently Asked Questionabout the Certificate are updated regularly – check out the latest version: updated in May 2018. Here you will find lots of useful information to help you, including a “flow chart” that outlines essential steps for completion of the Certificate training programme.  Statements within the FAQs clarify and update aspects of the Certificate Regulations.

Requirements for training in cryopreservation – important clarification on the requirement to gain experience in both vitrification and slow freezing for all pre-registrant Clinical Scientists.

Current candidates – remember to submit your 3 month reports by email to your Assessor.

Download the current Errata Sheet and make the necessary corrections and additions to the Training Manual.

If you have any further questions please contact the ACE Secretariat: