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Cooper Surgical Fertility Solutions

Advancing fertility for optimal patient care

Around the world clinics are working to improve outcomes for their patients. At CooperSurgical Fertility Solutions, we create lasting partnerships based on individual clinic’s

challenges and customized solutions tailored to optimize the chances of success.


Our innovative products and services coupled with patient oriented communication tools and resources – such as the PGTaiSM platform, supported by our

expert team of genetic counselors and commitment to patient education (EngagedMD) – offer improved transfer and outcomes opportunities, better

treatment options, and genomic (PGT-A, PGT-M and PGT-SR) and fertility education for all patients undergoing IVF.  We also supply lab and theatre equipment, the RI Witness™ electronic witnessing system, culture media, pipettes, oocyte collection needles and catheters amongst our many other products.


We support and advance clinics by offering evidence-based training and solutions, designed to improve clinical performance and efficiency across the

entire spectrum of ART. At CooperSurgical, we offer a unique approach within the fertility and genomics industry.


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CooperSurgical Fertility & Genomic Solutions


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