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15 Jul, 2021
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

The last year has been really challenging for everyone working within the fertility sector, and covid-19 has completely altered the way we all work. ARCS also recognises that not only has it been tough for us working in the sector, but also for those that want to enter the sector as trainee fertility scientists. Opportunities have been limited, and visits to clinics halted. It is a difficult environment to get experience, understanding and information about how to become a fertility scientist. 

ARCS are holding an online informal evening event on the 15th of July at 6:30pm to support anyone who is looking for more information on how to enter the sector as a pre-registrant scientist.

There will be a few short talks from embryology STP and andrology STP graduates about their different journeys into the sector, and ideas of how to build the experience necessary to get a foot through the door,. Following this, we will have a Q&A session open to the floor. 

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