Hi! My name is Shani Tatton and I am a Clinical Embryologist based at the Hewitt Fertility Centre in Liverpool.

To promote Healthcare Science week, our Scientific Team have recorded a variety of videos in order to showcase the different roles that are available in the Reproductive Science field. We feel it is important to raise awareness of Healthcare Science as Healthcare Scientists are responsible for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of many illnesses, yet only make up 5% of the NHS workforce. We want to celebrate our scientists and all that they do and hopefully inspire others to look into a Healthcare Science role.

Our Healthcare Science team includes many roles:

• Scientific Director
• Lead Clinical Embryologists
• Senior Clinical Embryologists/Andrologists
• Clinical and pre-registration Embryologists
• Clinical and pre-registration Andrologists
• Trainee Embryologists
• Trainee Andrologists
• Embryology & Andrology Practitioners
• Medical Laboratory Assistants

All of these Healthcare Science roles play an important part in the day-to-day running of the fertility clinic and work together as part of a multidisciplinary team to provide the very best care to our patients.

Please see pictures of our Healthcare Science teams and a video talking about the roles of a Medical Laboratory Assistant and Embryology & Andrology Practitioner below: