Honorary Members of ARCS

Honorary membership is bestowed upon individuals who have significantly contributed to the field of Reproductive Science. This may be through their scientific research, developing and raising educational standards and raising the profile of the profession and the Association. ARCS honorary members include those from our founding organisations (BAS, ACE and ABA).

Our Honorary Members are:

Karin Dawson

For her role as a founding member and longstanding Chair of ACE, the founder of the ACE Training Committee and its original Chair, and for her role in the development of the ACE Certificate/Diploma

Robert Edwards (1925-2013)

For his role in the foundation of our science and the development of our profession

Maybeth Jamieson

For many years contributions to ACE committees and in representing ACE at the HFEA

Henry Leese

For contributions to embryo research and as Editor in Chief of Human Fertility

Clare Lewis-Jones

For her role as a patient-champion, working tirelessly in the interests of those with infertility, not least with the HFEA and as chair of Infertility Network UK

Phillip Matson

For his role as a founder and Chair of ACE