The ARCS/BFS COVID Group met yesterday to consider the Joint Guidelines.  We have agreed an
addendum to version 3 taking into account the likely discussions with patients around 
vaccination and fertility treatment in light of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and
Immunisation priority advice relating to the Pfizer - BioNTech vaccine published on 
2nd December.

The addendum may be updated as advice changes and incorporated into future versions 
of the guidance.  On behalf of the Executive Committees of both societies 
the Group invite our members to comment on the Guidelines and in particular
 any new areas of concern or practice which you feel should be included or 
addressed differently.  In particular we are interested in your experience 
of so-called long COVID - in terms of either repeat screening or perhaps more 
importantly any observed effects in your patients, male or female.

Review the addendum here.

Thank you as ever for your support and help in this.

We wish you well for the Festive period however altered that might be 
for you - health and happiness to those around you.

Jason Kasraie

Jane Stewart
British Fertility Society