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    I would like to apply for a place on:

    Module 1: Diagnostic Semen Analysis - £500
    Module 2: Sperm Preparation for Diagnosis or Therapeutic Intervention - £250
    Module 3: Sperm Cryopreservation in Assisted Reprodution - £250

    I understand that ARCS must receive payment in full before I can complete the logbook. On receipt of application ARCS will issue an invoice.

    Personal Details

    Course Supervision. All trainees on any ARCS courses are required to nominate a supervisor. Ideally supervisors should have a degree or equivalent:

    All registration forms and information provided by proposed supervisors will be reviewed by the ARCS Education Committee for approval prior to confirmed registration

    Your nominated supervisor:

    Has agreed to act as a supervisor for you

    Your nominated supervisor agreed to ensure that the equipment/consumables required (list below) will be made available for training purposes
    Equipment Inventory

    • Phase contrast microscope with x20 x40 phase objective and x100 oil immersion (bright field)

    • Heated microscope stage

    • Positive displacement pipette (to pipette a minimum 50µl)

    • Air displacement pipettes covering volumes up 1ml

    • Vortex mixer

    • Counter (bench-top multichannel mechanical or electronic)

    • Haemocytometers (improved Neubauer design)

    • Two from three of the following chambers: Horwell, Makler, Microcell/Leja slide OR access to a CASA (computer assisted sperm analysis) system

    • Humidified chamber (container with lid containing wet tissue)


    • Dilution tubes (up to 1mL) for sperm concentration

    • Glass slides (frosted end)

    • 22x22mm cover slips (wet preparation and motility)

    • 22x50mm cover slips (morphology)

    • Semen ‘diluent’ fixative (*WHO, 2020)

    *50g NaHCO3 10ml 35% (v/v) formalin – make up to 1L with distilled water

    Your nominated supervisor has agreed to provide time for the trainee to complete aspects of this logbook during their working hours

    Line manager details:

    If the supervisor is not the line manager, then you need to have agreement from your line manager to support both trainee and supervisor.