ARCS Executive Committee voting

We currently have 2 embryology and 1 andrology position open. We ask members to vote for who they would like to see on the ARCS Executive Committee in 2023.

Members can vote for 2 embryology candidates and 1 andrology candidate using the polls at the bottom of each section.


Embryology Candidates

1. Paul Knaggs

I’ve been privileged to have worked in embryology and reproductive science for over 20 years and I’m currently the consultant embryologist and PR for the Wales Fertility Institute, in addition to my day job, I am an HFEA external inspector and 
an assessor for the ACS. I maintain interests in research through collaborations with both Cardiff and Swansea Universities where I hold an honorary associate professorship. I have active interests in training and development, coaching and 
mentoring and feel some of this experience would be use as an exec member. I’ve seen many changes to our profession over the years and I’m extremely passionate about what we do and the opportunities that we have to affect peoples’ lives. I want to help our profession remain exciting and interesting and most of all open and inclusive. Joining the exec is an excellent way of giving something back.  



2. Scarlett Salter

I am a senior clinical Embryologist, due to move to the NHS from the private sector in January. I began my training as an embryologist in 2009 and completed a PhD in 2016 in the recurrent miscarriage clinic at UHCW. I worked on endometrial-embryo interactions and was the first to identify that trypsin was secreted by human embryos. I showed that 2 trypsin-like proteases had altered expression in the conditioned medium of embryos that went on to successfully implant following SET. I also identified the up regulation of serine protease receptors in human endometrial stromal cells during the secretory phase of the menstrual cycle. The use of non-invasive embryo selection according to these protease levels was patented as a result.  I published my findings in Nature Scientific Reports and am currently involved in peer reviewing papers for RBMO. 
(application cut at 150 as per guidance).



3. Davina Hulme

I’m a state registered senior clinical embryologist with over 20 years in the field of embryology. I have experience working in both private and NHS clinics. Since working at Jessop Fertility, I have become an associate lecturer with the University of Sheffield as part of the MSc course in Reproductive sciences. I have experience in supervising STP trainees and train our embryologists in embryo biopsy. I recently joined the ARCS Communication Committee as editor of TRS, which is an exciting opportunity to contribute to ARCS and communicate with its members. I feel that I communicate well at all levels and feel ready to take on a new challenge with a role within the ARCS executive committee.  



4. Christina Hickman

Academic embryologist (22years), ACE Certified (12years), HCPC registered (8 years), lab Manager/Scientific Director (12 years), clinic owner (3 years), Person Responsible/Risk Officer/DPO. Built 12 clinics (UK/Saudi Arabia/Trinidad). 
Consulted with more than 250 clinics in over 20 countries. Co-founded: AI Fertility Society, ASRM AI SIG; co-organised an international conference (>200 attendees, Scientific Representative for the British Fertility Society. Currently building my 13 th clinic (Avenues: one of the few embryology-owned clinics in the UK, self-owned without private equity). Consulted with HFEA, MHRA, and many VF companies with the aim of improving standards of care to patients, and improving quality of life to embryologists. Involved in regulatory application for CE mark and FDA approval, and currently building a framework for responsible validation of AI into clinical practice. Currently the VP on Clinical Affairs for 
Fairtility, CSO for Apricity, Director for Avenues, Lecturer at Imperial College London, PhD supervisor at UCL.  



5. Bonnie Dickinson

I am writing to apply for the ARCS Executive Committee post in Embryology. I’ve worked in the field for nearly 8 years, from laboratory assistant to now 3rd year of the HSST and the passion I have for the field has continued to grow. Having gone through the STP and now HSST, I have a keen interest in education and training, recently gaining the role of lead for education, training and development at BCRM. I would like to get involved in training and education within the committee but more specifically by organising events to encourage both trainees, experienced scientists, and academics to benefit and get involved. As an honorary associate of the NSHCS, I have experience of STP recruitment and assessment, which I believe will help current trainees. Furthermore, I would like to encourage more young scientists into the field by promoting the society.  



6. Evangeline Walker

I am a state registered Embryologist at Edinburgh Fertility Centre. I recently completed The Scientist Training Programme at Manchester NHS Foundation Trust. As the Life Sciences Trainee Ambassador for the NSHCS, I have experience collating and presenting feedback to stakeholders, and utilising feedback to shape strategy. As a STEM ambassador, I have excellent written and verbal communication skills. Having presented at Fertility 2021, and worked in research- associated clinics I would be confident representing ARCS in the scientific community and wider public and am eager to support members pursing research opportunities.  
On the Executive Committee I would be enthusiastic about facilitating trainees and ARCS members in maintaining CPD and supporting events within ARCS, having experience organising events as Chair of the North West Trainee Network. I would appreciate the opportunity to bring my skills and enthusiasm to the Executive Committee to represent the membership and exemplify the ARCS mission statement.



7. Irem Isabelle Ozcan-Beckmann

I feel like not only will I add a different viewpoint to the executive committee but I am excited to learn from the committee also. I have worked in a centre which went from being a brand new IVF clinic to one with several satellite clinics all funnelling into the same laboratory. This came with its complications but also 
allowed me to experience the different settings during my long career history here. During my Masters in Medical Law, I studied the law and ethics in reproductive law, more specifically that of the HFEA. This not only gave me insight into our regulators and the law, but it is also originally what drew me to become an Embryologist. Therefore I would really like to be part of this diverse group to aid others in their workplace and their career in reproductive science.  



8. Jemma Walker

Since completing the STP and achieving state registration in 2020 I have worked as a clinical embryologist whilst developing my interests in quality management and process development. Having been a member of ACE/ARCS since 2015, I have been actively involved in the association. Most recently I have been part of of the Embryology SIG and have helped lead the recent Good Lab Practice Guideline review project.  
I am organised, analytical and practical, and relish the opportunity to bring my skills and tenacity to the Executive Committee. Within my role at Herts & Essex Fertility Centre I am passionate about improving safety, efficiency, and effectiveness and I hope to share this enthusiasm with the Exec. I am committed to the ARCS mission and look forward to helping promote the very best standards in fertility and reproductive science.



9. Lucy Wood

I am approachable, innovative and always finding new ways to challenge myself. I have taken on a number of fertility sector projects outside of my ‘day job’ in the past. ARCS would have to show me the ropes but I tend to learn fast! 
This is me: Fully trained embryologist (10 years’ experience including private and NHS setting plus locum embryology). Recently completed HFEA secondment working on consent forms for the new legislation – made contacts at the HFEA and gained an understanding of how they operate. I would propose a closer working relationship with HFEA and ARCS. STP curriculum lead reviewer (Embryology) and contributed to Andrology. ARCS Education committee member. MSc lecturer (MMU STP and Sheffield University) Published work in BMJOQ and 50 big IVF debates book. I am a serial conference/symposium attendee and have presented my own and others work in poster and oral presentations. 
Year 4 HSST trainee. 





Andrology Candidates


1. Karla Turner

I would like to be considered for a position on the ARCS Executive Committee. I have previous experience of being both an ordinary member and the secretary of the ABA Executive Committee. Although I am employed as an embryologist, I have a keen interest in andrology. The amalgamation of the societies has provided a perfect opportunity to bring sperm back into the limelight and being a member of the Exc would help me to continue with this passion.  

Outside (and inside!) of work I also enjoy organising social events and utilised these skills during my time on the ABA Exec.  




2. Jamie Meadows

I am a HCPC registered clinical embryologist working at the CARE Northampton clinic. I have almost 9 years’ experience in reproduction medicine. I started my career as an andrologist and subsequently expanded my training. Notably, I became the first embryologist within the CARE group to attain HCPC registration via the STP Equivalence route. Additionally, I am the lead andrologist representing my clinic nationwide and play a key role in obtaining ISO15189 accreditation. I am passionate about andrology and have collaborated with a variety of professionals in performing research projects.

I’m keen to keep up to date with the latest information by attending workshops, courses, and webinars. I also like to help train and guide others on their path to obtaining registration. I enjoy educating students and colleagues, having worked closely with various universities. Recently, I have been assisting with the practical andrology elements of the Assisted reproductive technologies MSc for Liverpool John Moores University.