ARCS Mentorship Scheme

The ARCS mentorship scheme is only open to members of ARCS.

What is the mentorship scheme?

The aim of the Mentorship Scheme is to provide both pastoral and professional support to members of the reproductive science community. ARCS originally launched this scheme in January 2021 to improve networking opportunities and interconnectivity during challenging times and has been very popular since. Members are paired with peers from a similar background and expertise to allow for sharing of experience, support and professional advice for career progression and mobility. Time spent on the mentorship scheme is recognised by the CPD Committee. Please note the Mentorship scheme is offered to ARCS members only.

I want to be a mentor/ mentee. How do I inform ARCS?                                      

Please complete the ARCS Mentor or Mentee Application Form, which can be found on the left- hand side of the members’ dashboard on the ARCS website, under the tab Mentorship. Once ARCS receives the form, you will be added to the Mentorship database and matched to the most suitable Mentor/ Mentee according to your requirements. Mentors and mentees will be introduced to each other via e-mail, it is then up to both parties to be in contact with each other and set up their 1:1 meetings.

I want to be a mentor. Is there any training/ support available?

As part of the mentorship agreement, mentors should commit to completing the ARCS Mentorship Training which is hosted biannually/annually dependent on need. Check our website for availability. This can be completed retrospectively. Where a mentor feels that their expertise is unable to support the needs of their mentee, they can refer to the ARCS Executive Committee for comment/advice.

What preparation/commitment is required?

There will be no set structure to the meetings, to allow for flexibility. Mentorship meetings can be organised at the discretion of the mentor and mentee, but it is recommended that at least 3 x 60-minute digital sessions are performed per year as a minimum expectation of undertaking of the mentorship scheme. It is up to the mentors and their mentees to agree on their agenda for each meeting and topics such as the mentee’s career goals, training, progression in the field etc. Mentors are there to guide and support the mentees but are not expected to have all the answers and rather make recommendations.


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