British Service Personnel – Sperm Storage Clinics


To help Service Personnel who wish to store sperm before they deploy, ARCS have assembled a list of clinics offering this service with details of their fees. ARCS has no financial interests within any clinic and is not recommending any particular service.


The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority regulates all fertility centres in the UK, the services HFEA licence for sperm storage were approached and offered the opportunity to be on this list.


The Centres will be able to provide you with more information if you are considering banking your sperm.




In banking your sperm you will find out more about your potential fertility. One in ten men have a fertility problem and one in fifty men ejaculate no sperm at all. You may find that you have a problem like this and should consider whether you want to know this, or indeed whether now is a time you wish to find out.


When you attend the Clinic you will have to fill out a consent form, on this you can decide to let a named partner/wife have treatment with your sperm even in the event of your death, this is quite standard to clinics as they often bank sperm for cancer patients. Alternatively you can decide that if anything happens to you the sperm should be disposed of, this is also the situation if you do not name a partner. You cannot leave your sperm for someone else to decide, such as your parents. For this reason many servicemen choose to only bank sperm if they have an existing strong relationship where they would wish for a partner to be able to have their children in the event of their death. This is known as posthumous treatment. If you are considering this should make it clear to the named partner and any other family / loved ones.


The Clinic you decide to attend will be able to provide you with more information. Most Clinics will be able to offer you an appointment within a fortnight of you contacting them.


More information about regulation of clinics and sperm storage is available on the HFEA website:



UK Armed Forces Spermbanks list

This list is currently being updated for 2021.