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Changes to Surrogacy Law
3 minutes read
Author: , Sarah Norcross
Posted in: , Links outside ARCS

The Law Commissions published their joint report, ‘Building Families through Surrogacy: A New Law’ at the end of March together with a draft Bill. These documents outline a new regulatory scheme for surrogacy that offers more clarity, safeguards and support for all…

Life as a STEM ambassador!
3 minutes read
Author: , Ellie Aston
Posted in: , Links outside ARCS , STEM

I first became interested in being a STEM ambassador during my STP training to help with competencies and to also improve my confidence in public engagement – I have always found public speaking quite daunting and it felt like a good place…

STP and Me!
6 minutes read
Author: , Ruby Balcombe
Posted in: , Scientific training programme

My Journey to the STP & My first week   My name is Ruby Balcombe, I’m a member of the Editorial team for TRS, and I’d like to share with you my journey on to the Scientist Training Programme (STP) which has…

A report from ESHRE 2023
3 minutes read
Author: , Neringa Karpaviciute
Posted in: , Andrology , Embryology , Meeting Report

This year’s ESHRE annual conference featured a variety of talks and presentations ranging from reproductive genetics and pre-implantation genetic testing to following up on social egg freezes. The following are a few of my favourite talks I was lucky to go to…

Raising environmental awareness continued!
2 minutes read
Author: , Bryan Woodward , Sylwia Milne
Posted in: , Embryology

  Thanks to all of you who have watched the short video on raising environmental awareness in the previous edition of the TRS. If you missed it here’s the link: Raising environmental awareness in IVF labs – time to change! – Association…

Enhancing Clinical Reproductive Science Education: A Dynamic Approach to Clinical Embryology and Andrology Education through Problem-Based Learning
3 minutes read
Author: , Michael Carroll
Posted in: , Andrology , Embryology , Scientific training programme

Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is an educational approach that fosters active and self-directed learning by placing students at the centre of their learning experience. In PBL, students are presented with real-world problems or scenarios that are relevant to their field of study. Rather…