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HFEA – State of the Fertility Sector’ report for 2021-2022
1 minute read
Author: , Jane Blower
Posted in: , HFEA

October 2022 The Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA) have issued the latest ‘State of the Fertility Sector’ report for 2021-2022. The annual report summarises HFEA inspection work for 2021-22 as well as information recorded in incident reports on the HFEA Register…

Update on UKAS Accreditation for Semen Analysis
5 minutes read
Author: , David Sanders
Posted in: , Andrology

UKAS Andrology Accreditation – Transition, 6th Edition WHO Laboratory Manual 2021 (WHO 2021)   In 2021, the World Health Organisation published the 6th Edition of the WHO laboratory manual for the examination and processing of human semen (WHO 2021). For many UKAS…

HFEA Changes Storage Options
2 minutes read
Author: , Eleanor Wharf
Posted in: , HFEA

New law comes into force giving greater flexibility for family planning The HFEA has produced guidance and advice to support clinics implement the new law Fertility patients now have more time to make important decisions about their future following a change to…

From Lab to Leadership
1 minute read
Author: , Eleanor Wharf
Posted in: , Links outside ARCS

HCS Leadership Journal – Spring Edition 2022

ARCS Breaking Bad News Training Event
3 minutes read
Author: , Anna Brodie
Posted in: , ARCS news , Meeting Report

Launched in 2020, the ARCS Breaking Bad news event aims to give participants a tool kit toeffectively and sensitively deliver bad news to patients. The day was led by BICA fertility counsellors Jennie Hunt and Janet Owen and hosted by ARCSrepresentative Georgina…

ARCS Revision Event for STP and ACS Trainees
2 minutes read
Author: , Emma Hogg
Posted in: , ARCS news , Meeting Report , Pre-Registration

On Thursday 26th March, ARCS hosted a Revision Event in Birmingham for STP and ACStrainees to help with preparation for their final assessments. I registered for this event as Ihadn’t given my IACC much thought yet and I wasn’t entirely sure on…

ARCS Research For All Event – a Pre-Reg Perspective
3 minutes read
Author: , Charnpreet Marshall
Posted in: , ARCS news

The night before the live event I was filled with dread, the R word and the S word…Research and Statistics. For a first year STP who is very new in their training program, these words can be overwhelming. I was pleasantly surprised…

‘Research for All’ – ARCS event, 5th April 2022
3 minutes read
Author: , Joanne Carey
Posted in: , ARCS news

Joanne Carey is a post-registration Clinical Embryologist at Fertility Exeter Like many post-registration embryologists, my attentions have been well and truly focussed on the day to day running of the lab, and while evidence-based research has always been at the forefront of…

Meet the Exec – the Pre-registrant role
3 minutes read
Author: , Georgina Bartl
Posted in: , Pre-Registration

The Pre-Registrant role is a fantastic opportunity to bring your own ideas on how to improve what ARCS has to offer to its trainees, including STP, ACS and equivalence routes during your three-year tenure as Pre-reg rep. Much of the pre-registrant role…

Jean Purdy Prize Winner
2 minutes read
Author: , Orla Green
Posted in: , Embryology

PGT-A is becoming increasingly utilised during IVF treatment to identify chromosomally normal embryos suitable for transfer. During IVF treatment patients undergo controlled ovarian hyper-stimulation (COH) to obtain multiple oocytes. COH may impact on oocyte maturation and meiosis, which may in turn impact…

Joint Post-Registrant Oral Presentation Winner Fertility 2022 – Amy Barrie
2 minutes read
Author: , Amy Barrie
Posted in: , Embryology

The objective of this large, multicentre study was to assess whether manual annotation of time-lapse images performed by experienced embryologists could be reliably replaced by fully automated annotation powered by artificial intelligence. A large proportion of an embryologist’s time is spent assessing…

Winning posters from Fertility 2022
1 minute read
Author: , Giles Palmer , Jemma Walker , Malwina Paul , Olivia Sandys
Posted in: , Embryology

Poster links are below Post registrant posters: Jemma Walker Giles Palmer Pre registrant posters: Olivia Sandys Malwina Paul

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