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Emma Hogg is a pre-registrant embryologist at St Mary’s, Manchester and a final year STP

On Thursday 26th March, ARCS hosted a Revision Event in Birmingham for STP and ACS
trainees to help with preparation for their final assessments. I registered for this event as I
hadn’t given my IACC much thought yet and I wasn’t entirely sure on where to start, so I
definitely needed all the help that I could get!

The morning consisted of talks from current assessors and previous trainees, covering a
variety of topics such as the format of the final assessments, how they are assessed, and tips
on how to go about writing and revising for the final assessment. The range of speakers was
definitely useful to get different viewpoints on how to approach the assessment, and it was
a nice contrast to the more formal communications we’d previously had with the National
School. Hearing from three previous trainees, Steven Eaton, Pareena Pitroda, and Georgina
Bartl, about their experiences with the STP/ACS and final assessments, as well as what they
have achieved since, was particularly encouraging and made the final few months of the STP
feel that much more achievable.

Since the event I’ve gone from a few notes scribbled in my notebook to a fully submitted IACC and a far better understanding of the viva and how I can go about preparing for it

In the afternoon, we were split into groups for breakout sessions, where we had the
opportunity to rotate around different assessors to hear about what they look for when
marking assessments and to discuss some example scenarios to prepare us for questions
that may be asked during the viva. With there being so many assessors involved in marking
of the final assessments, it was reassuring that everyone we spoke to had very similar
opinions and getting to meet the assessors in person also made the viva far less daunting as
everyone was lovely! I really appreciated being able to discuss the scenario-based revision
questions with other trainees and share practice from our own clinics; as a direct-entry
trainee, I have a little less experience that some of the other trainees in my cohort so it was
particularly interesting for me to hear how others would approach issues that we may face
in the lab.

Overall, I found the revision day really useful, and I am grateful to Georgie and the rest of
the ARCS committee for organising it for us. Since the event I’ve gone from a few notes
scribbled in my notebook to a fully submitted IACC and a far better understanding of the
viva and how I can go about preparing for it. The chance to meet up face-to-face again post-
pandemic really added to the atmosphere and was a nice change to what I’m sure we’ve all
been used to in recent times. I would definitely recommend this event to any future trainees
that get the chance to attend; the final year of the STP can be intense and full of deadlines,
though this event provided me with the information and reassurance that I needed to tackle
this final hurdle.