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After all our optimism at finally launching the ARCS Summer Symposium, we recently had to accept that it was still just a bit too soon for a face-to-face meeting. Our initial disappointment however was very quickly replaced by excitement to announce that we  can offer ARCS365 as an alternative to our members. This meeting has been put together by the ARCS Summer Symposium programme committee and has the full support of the original speakers and our sponsors. ARCS 365 will provide members with monthly sessions based on the original programme including the launch of the Andy Glew People’s prize.

Registration for ARCS365 will be at the affordable price of £65 to ARCS members.

More details for abstract submission and the full programme for ARCS365 will be available on the ARCS website shortly

The first session begins on Tuesday 12th October at 16.00 with Dr. Denny Sakkas (Scientific Director at Boston IVF), introducing the theme “Andrology & Embryology: Symbiotic Sciences” by speaking on ‘The intruding sperm: conflict between the gametes’.

ARCS are proud to announce that we will also be launching the Andy Glew People’s Prize as originally planned for the best presentation in our free communications sessions, the prize will be registration and accommodation for the ARCS Summer Symposium 2022. For a chance to win please submit your abstracts for ARCS365 on the website.

ARCS365 sessions – dates for your diary:

  • Tuesday 12th October
  • Tuesday 9th November
  • Tuesday 14th December
  • Tuesday 11th January
  • Tuesday 8th February
  • Tuesday 8th March
  • Tuesday 12th April
  • Tuesday 10th May
  • Tuesday 7th June
  • Tuesday 12th July
  • Tuesday 9th August
  • Tuesday 6th September

More details for abstract submission and the full programme for ARCS365 will be available on the ARCS website shortly.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues on the programme committee for their hard work, flexibility and enthusiasm over the last 18 months putting together the ARCS Summer Symposium’s inaugural meeting and for their positive response to converting the meeting to ARCS365 at such short notice. We are confident that it will be a successful alternative to the original proposed meeting.

Karen Schnauffer

ARCS Programme Chair