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Meet the new members of the ARCS CPD Committee

“Hi, I’m Bay and I’m a Senior Embryologist at Homerton Fertility Centre in East London. I’m thrilled to be part of the CPD committee. Having pursued several professional development courses alongside ACE / ARCs CPD over the years, I’m keen to share how external CPD resources can benefit personal progression. As I passed my FRCPATH part 2 exam in 2020, my focus is on identifying professional development opportunities to support the HSST-by-equivalence route. So for all those on the same track – watch this space!”



Hello, Im George and Im a second year Trainee Clinical Andrologist at the Shropshire and Mid Wales Fertility Centre in Shrewsbury. My masters degree project involved developing a new microfluidic device design for use in sperm preparation during ART, and Im interested in how we will implement new technologies such as this over my career to improve patient outcomes. 

I will primarily be helping with the Andrology CPD opportunities, such as writing the JBLs. Hopefully there will be something for everyone.”


Hi Im Jen, Im a Senior Embryologist at the Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine. I am currently in my second year of the HSST programme which, in addition to my two little boys, is keeping me very busy! Im excited to join the CPD committee and believe that CPD should be enriching rather than a chore. I am keen to provide opportunities for members to make the most of activities they already undertake and I have been working on setting up a CPD quiz to accompany the ARCS 365 programme. “