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Georgina Bartl, Pre-Registrant Representative on ARCS Executive Committee, 2019 – 2021

The Pre-Registrant role is a fantastic opportunity to bring your own ideas on how to improve what ARCS has to offer to its trainees, including STP, ACS and equivalence routes during your three-year tenure as Pre-reg rep.  Much of the pre-registrant role involves setting up and hosting events such as the Revision Event for final year trainees, which is always sold out and involves inviting previous students to present their top tips for final assessments and afternoon breakout sessions with assessors. Breaking Bad News events are always popular and hosted by the British Infertility Counselling Association, providing useful frameworks and interactive scenarios for reproductive scientists to support their patients. A key part of the Pre-Reg role also involves co-ordinating and supporting the Mentorship Scheme, which graduated from the trainee Buddy-Up scheme. This involves pairing and introducing mentors and mentees to provide pastoral support and guidance outside of their clinic or company, and also crucial networking opportunities in this digital age. Other events include the Research for Everyone Events advertised to the whole membership and “So you want to be a Reproductive Scientist…?” aimed at entry-level and aspiring embryologists and andrologists. As a member of the Executive Committee the role involves quarterly Executive meetings, and voting rights. There is a lot of freedom to get involved in all aspects of ARCS in the pre-reg role, but also to make the role your own if you have ideas on how to improve the experience for trainees with new events or schemes. You will be asked to support the annual Fertility meeting and poster marking, and there is scope to get involved in website and communications development as well as the Education SIG. The role would suit a pro-active, people person with an interest in events and socializing and supporting their peers. You will also be a conduit for concerns of current trainees to feedback into the Committee.

the set-up of the mentorship events and scheme has been a personal ambition of mine to provide pastoral and professional advice for our wider membership

On a personal note, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as Pre-Reg Rep, and although it was a steep-learning curve (starting as a very green STP trainee in 2019!) the joy of running successful events and getting to work with the fab team on the Executive has made the experience a real pleasure and positive development experience. My highlights were always the Revision Events which I loved hosting, getting to know and (hopefully) reassure trainees was always so rewarding. Attending my first Fertility conference in 2020 in Edinburgh (pre-COVID!) was also great fun, and marking the posters a great privilege. Finally, the set-up of the mentorship events and scheme has been a personal ambition of mine to provide pastoral and professional advice for our wider membership, and is something that I am truly proud to have established, which I couldn’t have done without our amazing members stepping up to mentor. I am so excited to see what the next rep brings to this important and crucial role, and will happily support in any way I can!