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Rachel Gregoire is co-Chair of the Education SIG

The last meeting of the Education SIG was held on Wednesday 2nd March 2022. 

At the meeting we discussed progress within each working group (detailed below) and also looked at our Terms of Reference and considered if additional SIG members are needed to ensure the education needs of all the membership is considered. The Education SIG will present our suggested changes to the Terms of Reference to the ARCS Exec on 25th March 2022 and will share with the membership once ratified. Please look out for a call for more volunteers (hopefully!) 

The Education SIG is also collating a short biography from each SIG member and these will be shared on the ARCS website in the next couple of months. This will ensure the membership know who is representing them, and how we can help and provide guidance. 

Assistants and Associates

We now have six participants completing the ARCS competency portfolio. A virtual chat function has been created via the ARCS website, please use this if you need peer support and to share experiences and ideas. Feedback has been positive regarding the guidance from ARCS for completion of the competency modules, and we continue to encourage all diagnostic and therapeutic laboratories to take a look at the ARCS portfolio to consider if this training scheme would be suitable for your support staff. 


A survey from the Education SIG is in the final stages of development to try and identify Reproductive Science Practitioners who may not be members of ARCS but who need support in their training and development. Please can all Laboratory Leads respond when you see our survey in your in-box.

ARCS Andrology Logbooks

Logbook 1 Diagnostic Andrology is awaiting final review from Education SIG and ARCS Executive.

ARCS International Certificate 

The newly developed International Certificate will be in the Education SIG inbox by Friday 11th March for approval. Next is submission to ARCS Executive for final sign off, then on to ARCS Policies & Procedures for formatting before release. 

Scientific Training Programme (Andrology and Embryology)

The Education SIG discussed the current method of shortlisting potential candidates, the interview process, and the final examination process. Thank you to Lucy Wood who has agreed to stay with the Education SIG following completion of the curricula review, to lead on reviewing the shortlisting and interview pathway. 

Higher Specialist Training

Representation for HSST was discussed following some feedback from the membership. Emma Woodland represents HSST candidates on the Education SIG and her biography will be available on the website as mentioned earlier. We also aim to submit a ‘my HSST experience’ article in the next issue of TRS. 


Autumn 2021 exams were discussed. RCPath examining committee are considering a review of the examination guidance to ensure candidates have clarity on the detail expected for each section.

Registration: ACS/Equivalence 

The Education SIG is aware that clinics with staff aiming towards gaining STP/HSST equivalence may benefit from guidance from STP/HSST Equivalence Assessors to understand the standard required for the Equivalence Portfolio and supporting evidence. The Education SIG hope to provide training sessions in 2022.  

Thank you to all the Education SIG members for continuing to work on all of these tasks in between the day job.