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A report from the ARCS Movember 2021 team who raised a £2439 for the Movember Foundation

Can any of you remember November 2021, or rather Movember 2021, as we prefer to call it?

This was the month when IVF healthcare professionals joined the call to become members of team “ARCS Moustaches” to raise funds for the Movember Foundation.

For over 10 years, myself and fellow MoBros have been supporting this event by proudly sporting magnificent moustaches – alongside 220,000 other men.

Dundee’s MoBros – Left to right are Dundee MoBros Sinan Ozkavukcu, Philip Milne, Steve Gellatly and George Hughes.

However, it was in 2020, that things really took, as our Movember team became mixed gender. Our MoSistas join in by “Moving for Movember”. This involves running 60km over the month, to represent the 60 men we lose to suicide every hour across the world. And wow, what a difference that has made to our fundraising efforts! Whilst we raised £745 for Movember 2020, we raised a whopping £2,439 for Movember 2021!

At one point, we were even the NHS no.1 fundraiser!

A big shout goes to the two IVF teams at Ninewells in Dundee and the Hewitt in Liverpool. George led the Dundee team of embryologists (himself, Amy, Rachael, Anne, Morven, Sinan, Phil), scientists (Steve Gellatly), nurses (Jen Ulyatt) and clinicians (Vanessa); whilst Alex in Liverpool led the Liverpool team of embryologists (himself and Dean) and clinicians (Andy and Phil).

Whilst we raised £745 for Movember 2020, we raised a whopping £2,439 for Movember 2021!

Liverpool’s MoBros – Left to right are: Liverpool’s MoBros Alex Fernandez-Ponce, Phil Dutton, Dean Barnes and Andy Drakeley.

If you’d like to join the Movember 2022 team, then please drop me an email (theeggman68@gmail.com) or sign up at the Movember website to join the ARCS Movember team.

Together we can make a real hair-raising difference to improve men’s health!

MoBros & MoSistas from the fertility clinic at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee set up a Tuesday night running club as part of their “Move for Movember” – Left to right are: Dundee’s MoBros and MoSistas Morven Dean, Jen Ulyatt, Anne Quinn, Sinan Ozkavukcu and George Hughes, with Philip Milne in the foreground taking the selfie.