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Dear Members,

It was with great disappointment that we had to bring to you the news of the cancellation of the Summer Symposium event, but we hope you will keep an eye on the events section of the website and ARCS emails for upcoming events, including ARCS 365 and a 2nd Andrology Masterclass event. If you are not receiving ARCS emails and would like to, or vice versa, please get in touch by clicking the ‘Message Us Now’ button in the bottom right of every webpage.

Not many changes have taken place on the website since my last update but I hope I can encourage you all to make use of the functions already available on the website including;

  • The ARCS polls, often put forward by the members as part of in-house projects they are carrying out. If you have a poll question you would like to put to the members then please do not hesitate to email me.
  • The ARCS forum which is a great way to get advice, ask questions and give support to others in the industry.

My inbox is always open to you all for any website queries or suggestions you may have.

Naomi Brown