We are excited to be able to announce that ACE, ABA and BAS members have all voted in favour of the merger into one unified society; The Association of Reproductive and Clinical Scientists (ARCS).

For many years now there has been sporadic discussion around the idea of a unified professional society to cover all aspects of reproductive science and research. Many external organisations already make little distinction between clinical Andrology and Embryology; with the Royal College of Pathologists and the National School of Healthcare Scientists already largely combining Embryology and Andrology under the ‘Reproductive Science’ umbrella.

Becoming a unified society will bring with it many advantages; better representing scientists on the national stage, streamlining/reducing costs whilst increasing efficiency, improving the knowledge and skill base available overall, improving the quality and quantity of research undertaken, unifying training schemes and improving patient care. ARCS will ensure that scientists within the field have a stronger voice, both in clinical science and research.