ARCS Travel grant of up to £500 for registration/accommodation/travel to enable members to attend ARCS meetings. This may be Fertility, ARCS Symposium, ARCS training days etc.

    Deadline for applications for travel grants to Fertility 2024 – 13.10.2023


    I confirm I have read and understood the guidelines for application for Conference grants
    I acknowledge I am required to declare receipt of any funds from other sources used for attendance at the event in question
    I confirm that I will provide ARCS with proof of attendance at the event in question. I understand that non attendance will result in a requirement of the Conference grants to be returned
    I confirm I will provide receipts for the conference registration, travel and accommodation
    I understand if I do not submit a report for the Reproductive Scientist within 1 month of attendance I will be liable to pay the full Conference grant back to ARCS